Hall, Doug

Hall, Doug
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Resources for CEOs
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I work with business owners who are unsatisfied with their status quo. We work to implement a system to improve control, build business value and enable time freedom. The system I deploy is EOS(R)) and I serve as the EOS Implementer for the leadership team or provide EOS Coaching if they are self-implementing.

The EOS system is the Entrepreneurial Operating System, a proven management and leadership system based on simple, timeless tools paced by recurring accountability and strategy meetings. By implementing EOS one gets leadership and employees on the same page as to where the company is going and exactly how it’s going to get there, with increasing accountability and discipline, in a company environment where people work together as a cohesive, functional team.

What makes me unique is the combination of my deep management experience, my proven process and my demonstrated expertise as a facilitator and coach. You can call me at 425.760.8103 or email me at Doug@ResourcesForCEOs.com.

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