Pariser, Benjamin

Pariser, Benjamin
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Restorical Research
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Benjamin Pariser is a Principal with Restorical Research, an Insurance Archaeology ⛏ firm located in Indiana with offices across the US. We help our Clients in obtaining funding from insurance carriers to clean up their polluted properties. Get your Property Cleaned UP!!!!!!

Old insurance policies, written 40 or 50+ years ago may not contain an effective pollution exclusion. Unbelievably, these policies are still viable today and, with the right strategy and documentation, these policies can fund your cleanup.

At Restorical Research, we are experts at 1) Locating historical insurance policies 2) Developing a comprehensive strategy to unlock these policies and 3) Managing the claims process to ensure the funding of environmental cleanups. Since 2001, we have been auditing the insurance industry and we utilize this information to add value to each of our Clients in their pursuit of obtaining coverage with their legal counsel.

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