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Our mission is to be a welcoming community of diverse professionals serving family businesses.

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NWFBA holds breakfast meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each odd month in the calendar year, from 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM in downtown Seattle (July is the exception, on the 3rd Wednesday). First time visitors are welcome to attend and check us out…breakfast is on us!

NWFBA holds bi-monthly networking  events in non-program months.  Your responses to past surveys report networking as a highly sought after activity at NWFBA events.


DATE: June, 27 2024
TIME: 4:30-6:00 PM
LOCATION: Umpqua Bank
95 102nd Ave NE | Bellevue WA 98004

Ever feel there's never enough time to talk with all the people you want to during NWFBA meetings?

NWFBA socials are the perfect opportunity make new friends and reconnect with others.



DATE: July 17, 2024 **Note 3rd week of July**
TIME: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
LOCATION: Women's University Club
1105 Sixth Ave | Seattle | 98101


We will spend a morning with Jasmine Donovan, President of Dick's Drive-In as she shares the secrets to success behind years of providing delicious meals from a Seattle icon.

Jasmine Donovan is the President and CFO of Dick's Drive-In Restaurants.

Being the granddaughter of one of the
founders, Donovan has worked in the
business several times since she was
16 years old and started working full time
on the executive team in 2013.

REGISTER NOT YET OPEN for the July 17 event


January 2024
Tax Outlook 2024

Sherry Perrault
Senior Manager
Baker Tilly

Aaron Marberg
Bernstein Private Wealth

February 15, 2024
Mid-Winter Networking

March 2024

Estate vs Succession Planning
Rich Brune, Managing Partner, One Accord
Michael Longyear, Estate Planning Attorney, Reed Longyear Malnati Corwin & Burnett
Kevin Penner, Senior Manager Advisor, Parcion Private Wealth
Bhaj Townsend, Founder, Focus and Sustain

April 11, 2024
Murano Senior Living

May 2024
Tales from the Frontlines of Family Business
Observations and Insights
Presenter: Peter Rowan
Seattle University Family Business Exchange
Executive Director and former Coinstar entrepreneur

June 20, 2024
Networking Event
Umpqua Bank

July 2024
Building Your Brand

August 2024

September 2024
NWFBA Town Hall:

October 2024


November 2024
2024 Generations of Success
Our signature event honoring companies who have distinguished themselves through innovation and excellence.


January 2023
Tax Outlook 2023
Jin Choi
State and Local Tax Practice, Andersen

Phil Cook
Senior Director
Pacific Trust Company | Bridger Trust Company

David Stiefel
Partner Emeritus
Baker Tilly

February 2023
Mid-Winter Networking

March 2023
What’s Your Plan B:
How Family Business
Responds in Crisis

CJ and Philip Smeraldo
Entrepreneurs and Co-owners of
Il Terrazo, Intermezzo and Carmine's

Bill Lawrence
Revitalization Partners
Business Continuity Planning Expert

April 2023

May 2023
The Secret Sauce for Nordstrom Rack Success

Guest Speaker:

Geevy Thomas, former President: Rack, Nordstrom

Todd Ostrander, JD Merit
June 2023

July 2023
How Digital Transformation is Disrupting and Creating Family Value
Ashton Palmer,
founder of Expedition Travel


August 2023

September 2023
NWFBA Town Hall:
What Makes You a Trusted Advisor to Family Business

October 2023

November 2023
2023 Generations of Success
Our signature event honoring companies who have distinguished themselves through innovation and excellence.


January 2022
Fighting Through the Fog
How Family Business Can Prepare for Looming Financial Changes in 2022
Presenters: Jon Blanchard, Bader Martin
John St. Clair, Bader Martin
David Stiefel, Bader Margin
Moderator: Kristi Mathisen, Laird Norton Wealth Management

February 2022
Members Only Mid-Winter Networking

March 2022
The Power of Story in Family Business
Presenters: Elaine Brammer, Great Stories
Mario Juarez, Story Co
Arielle Nobile, Legacy

April 2022
Members Only Networking

May 2022
When It's Not All in the Family
Presenters: Scott Campbell, Owner, Rainier Industries
Chris Inverso, CEO, Rainier Industries
Lynell Smith, Banner Bank
June 2022
Members Only Networking

July 2022
When Conflict Comes Calling | A Guide for Business Advisors
Presenters: Carol Bowser, Owner Conflict Management Services
Bhaj Townsend, Owner, Focus and Sustain
Moderator: Michael Shepherd, The Shepherd Group

August 2022
Members Only Networking

September 2022
The Two Faces of Entitlement
NWFBA Town Hall
Moderator: Seth Shapiro, Michael Shepherd

November 2022
Generations of Success
Year-end recognition event
honoring exceptional family businesses who have distinguished themselves through innovation and overall excellence.

2022 Generations of Success
Our signature event honoring companies who have distinguished themselves through innovation and excellence.
- Pure Food Fish Market
- Quality Sewing & Vacuum
- Taco Time NW


January 2021
Transitioning a Family Member: Health Assistance and Fiduciary Management
Presenters: Trish McKinney, Family Resource Home Care
Arianne Miller, Forever Care Services
Michael Longyear, Reed Longyear, Malneti & Ahrens
Moderator: Pam Stone, Family Resource Home Care

February 2021
Members Only Mid-Winter Networking

Sponsored by Insperity

March 2021
Social Impact Philanthropy
Presenters: Yvonne Thomas, Proximity
Stephanie Ellis-Smith, Principal and CEO, Phila Giving  
Rodney Hines, CEO/Chief Mission Guy, Métier Brewing Company

April 2021
" Hello Spring" NWFBA Members Only Networking

May 2021|
Cyber Risk Protection for the Family Business Ecosystem
Panelists: Melissa Van Buhler, Focal PPLC
Timothy R. Stienstraw, Baker Law Seattle
Moderator: Seth Shapiro, USI

June 2021
Members Only Networking Event

July 2021
Workplace of the Future - Peering into a Post Covid
Panelists: Shannon Woodman, COO and 3rd Generation Washington Alarm, Inc.
Steve Greenbaum, President Greenbaum Home Furnishings
Moderator: Ryan Lambert, Executive Editor, Puget Sound Business Journal

August 2021
Members Only Networking Event

September 2021
The Dish on Taco Time
Panelists: Robby Tonkin, fourth-generation owner of Taco Time 

October 2021
Members Only Networking Event

November 2021
NWFBA Town Hall:
The Slippery Slope of Bringing Business Back to Work
Panelists: Noah Williams, Attorney, Reed Longyear Malanti Corbin & Burnett, PLLC
Tom O'Rourke , Director, Commercial Solutions, Discovery Health MD
Walter Benadof, COO, DefinedCrowd Corp. 

November 2021
Members Only Networking Event

December 2021
Members Only Networking Event


January 2020
The Fall of the House of Usher Case Study
NWFBA kicks off 2020 with a case study of succession
and estate planning discussion centering on the Usher family,
a fictitious family and their novelty business.

March 2020 – postponed

April 2020
2019 and 2020 Members

May 2020
Oh Behave!  Understanding the Role of Emotions 
in Family Business Decisions
Dr. Werner De Bondt, Visiting Professor at Seattle U.

July 2020
Turnaround Management for the Family Business at Risk
Jan Herald Robinson, Revitalization Partners
Renee Fellman
Christy Tobin-Presser, Bush Kornfeld LLC
Tina Lucas, Banner Bank, Moderator

September 2020
Selling the Family Business
Gregory Kovsky,President and Designated Broker of Int’l Business Assoc.
John Martinka, Martinka Consulting
Pete McDowell, RC Advisory Services
Mark Canton, moderator, CPA partner at Hunt Jackson PLLC


October 2020
NWFBA MEMBERS ONLY Fall Virtual Social

November 2020
Managing a Family Business During a Public Health Crisis,
Mark Canlis, Canlis Restaurants

December 2020
End of the Year Members Social
It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Cocktails


January 2019
How Family Communications about the Business Can Impact Family Harmony
Presenters: Mary Dickinson, CPA, Bader Martin
Leslie Osborne, an Executive Coach and Advisor
Bhaj Townsend, Focus and Sustain
Rachele Bouchand, Cornerstone Advisors

March 2019
Managing Adversity and Crisis in Family Business: Learning from Experience
Presenters: Marilyn Richards, Richards Consulting
Marc Berger, Nyhus Communications

May 2019
Fireside Chat with Blain and Kim, Children Dana and Carrie Roberts from Westport Winery

July 2019
Clarifying Misconceptions About Family Business Boards
Presenters: Tony Christensen, Christensen, Inc.
Marry Morrow, Nelson Legacy Group
Rick Robinson, Hotstart
Joe Weinstein, Davis Wright Tremain, Moderator

September 2019
Double Downing:Exploring the Risks and Opportunities of a Two-Family Family Business, Spartan Investment Group (SIG)
Presenters: Scott Lewis, CEO and co-founder
Ryan Gibson, CIO and co-founder
Lindsay Lewis, Director of Business Intelligence
Jackie Gibson, Director of Operations

November 13, 2019
Avoiding Family Philanthropy Pitfalls
Lorraine del Prado Del Prado Philanthropy Training and Consulting
Bill Zook Evergreen Planned Giving, LLC
Sarah Hopper is founder of Sound Philanthropy, LLC

January 2018
Impacts of  the New Tax Code on Family Businesses
Presenters: Rob Keasal – Tax Director, Peterson Sullivan
Chad Blevins – President, Blevins Financial
Lewis Horowitz – Shareholder and Taxation Team Chair, Lane Powell

March 2018
Addressing Challenges of Aging Ownership in Family Businesses

May 2018
Lost Legacy – Lessons Learned from the  Rise and Fall of a Century-Old Family Empire in Japan, Leslie Helm, Editor Seattle Business Magazine

July 2018
Bridging the Family Business Generation Gap
Panelists: Bill Criddle, Ph. D, Managerial Psychologist and Drew Steen, Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine

September 2018  
NWFBA Goes Crowdsourced to Improve Family Business Workshop
Leaders: Arnie Hendricks,  Financial Management Resources and Mark Mitchell, Creekside Consulting

November 14, 2018
The Pacific Family Business Institute in conjunction with our partnering sponsors, is pleased to present the results of the recently published Northwest Family Business Survey. 

January 2017
Traditional Retirement is Dead
Presenter: Lisë Stewart Stewart – Galliard International

March 2017
Business Coaching
Presenter: Marilyn Richards, Richards Consulting

May 2017
Panel discussion on “Raising Kids in a Family Business”
Panelist’s: Bahj Townsend (Focus and Sustain), Ron Dohr (Pacific Family Business Institute), and Heather Tuininga (10|10 Strategies)

July 2017
Fireside Family Stories – Part 1
Discussions  with multi-generational family business owners who have experienced some form of transition or are in the midst of a transition.

September 2017
Building Your Business Around Your Strengths
Presenter: Alan Pratt, Legacy Advisor

November 2017
Fireside Chat with Family Business Owners
Presenters: Jim Spady and Jennifer Donovan, Dick’s Drive In Restaruants

2016 Professional Development Series

January 2016
2016 Northwest Family Business Survey Results

March  2016
Changing Models of Leadership
Presenter: Lisë Stewart Stewart – Galliard International

May 2016
Effective Teamwork
Presenter: Lisa Fitzhugh – Creative Ground

July 2016
The Influence of Technology
Presenter: David Carpenter – Connection Model

September  2016
Social Responsibility and the Family Business
Presenter: Jeff Clarke

November 2016
Preserving Family Wealth–Tax Strategies for Family Business Transfers
Presenter: David Stifle – Bader Martin

January 2015
What is Better than a Loyal Client?
Presenter: Ron Kranz – Beyond the Benchmark

March  2015
Five Golden rules of Business Develoment
Presenter: Marilyn Richards – Richards Consulting Group

May  2015
What Families Seek in Advisors
Presenter: Gene Lipitz

July 2015
The Science of Decision Making
Presenter: Stacy Allred – Purposful Planning Institute

September 2015
Becoming Generationally Savvy
Presenter: Anna Liotta

November 4, 2015
The Untapped Power of Advisor Summits

Professional Development Series

January 2014
Rising from Disaster: Problem Solving for the Usher Family
Cast members from the House of Usher video case study

March 2014
What Does Success Look Like?
Dori Brewer, Principal, Perkins Coie

July May 2014
Expanding the Mindset of Family Leaders
Sonya M. Stoklosa, MS, PCC, President/Founder of Executive Athlete

July 2014
Managing Business Complexity: The Business of Family Business
Robert A. (Bob) King, Founder, COO Services

September 2014
Managing Family Complexity
Molly McCullough, Board Chair, Seaport Steel and Chair of the Pleas Family Council

Professional Development Series

January 2013
Techniques for Successful Family Business Transitions: A Case Study
Richard Beaton, Co-founder and Senior Partner at Marigold Associates

March 2013 workshop
Difficult Conversations
Lauren Owens of Redpoint Coaching

March 2013
The Role of Philanthropy in Family Business
Sarah Hopper, Sound Philanthropy, LLC

May 2013
Strategies to Protect Closely Held Businesses from Divorce
Marguerite (Maggie) Smith, J.D; LLB Hons

July 2013
Yokohama Yankee: My Family’s Story and How Advisors Might Have Helped
Leslie Helm, Editor, Seattle Business Magazine

September 2013
40 Years Advising Families in Business: Some Lessons Learned
Bob Nuber, Chairman Emeritus of Clark Nuber

November 2013
The Fall of the House of Usher IV: Lessons in Estate and Succession Planning
David Stiefel, Principal at Bader Martin, PS

Professional Development Series

January 2012
New Year Networking Social

April 2012  Workshop
Creating an Advisory Board

May 2012
Bartell Drugs: A Case Study in Generational Planning
Michael Miller and Michael Quigley,  Capital Planning Corporation Dave Barber,  President of Bartell-Barber Family Council

July 2012
Tackling the Elephants in the Room:  How to Encourage Your Family Business Clients to Have Those Difficult Discussions
Lauren Owens, MBA, Principal with Redpoint Consulting

September 2012
 A Cultural Conversation: Reaching and Serving Asian Family Businesses
Cheryll Leo-Gwin, World Trade and Exchanges, Inc. and the Washington State Arts Commission Valerie Antoinette Berset-Price, Professional Passport Vivien Chang, Chang Law Group PC

November 2012
Power and Love in Family Business
Matthew Wesley, The Wesley Group

Professional Development Series

March 2011
Up and Out? Succession in Family Businesses.
Holly Slay, Ph.D., Seattle University

May 2011
Decision-Making in Family Businesses! And how the advisor can and should help
David Wittenberg, Verax Point Consulting Urs Koenig, Redpoint Succession and Leadership Consulting Jeanette Nyden, J.Nyden Law and Mediation PS

July 2011
Anatomy of a Small Business Sale: Management of the Many Twists, Turns and Surprises
Jim Carney, CFP, Bernstein Global Wealth Management Salim Dada, Concord Ventures

September 2011
Decision Making in Family Businesses!
Laura Schildkraut, founder of Onboarding Gen Y and a lecturer at the University of Washington

November 2011
Challenges of the Next Gen of Owners!  And how the advisor can and should help
Moderator: Mark Green Panelists: Jessica McIntosh, Atlas Supply Company David Engelstein, Classic Accessories

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